Home work & parental involvement

At Haughton St Giles Academy we feel that involving parents in their child’s learning is crucial in ensuring that children make the best possible progress. We try to get parents involved in a number of ways:

  • Parents’ Evenings/Open Afternoons – Opportunities for parents to come into school and share their children’s work.
  • Home/School books – We have introduced a Home/School Link book to improve communication between school and parents/carers. This book comes to school every day and pupils use it to record their homework for the week, spellings and any other reminders.
    Parents can record when their child has read at home and to send any brief notes/messages to the class teacher, where an appointment or phone call is not necessary.
    Staff will use this book to send home any class notes/reminders or direct messages to a parent, again where a phone call or meeting is not necessary.
  • Fortnightly Newsletters – Keeping parents informed about what is going on in school.
  • Topic Information booklets – Termly booklets to inform parents of the class topic and curriculum links but also providing useful help at home tips to support learning.
  • Parent Information Evenings – To provide parents with the knowledge and information they need to support their child’s learning at home; recent events included: Y6 SATs evening, Y2 SATs evening, Outdoor Education.