PSHE and Citizenship

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and Citizenship helps to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens. Children learn to articulate their feelings and the causes of their emotions and to develop coping strategies for certain feelings. They learn to set themselves goals and to make good choices about their health and well-being. Below are some of the topics covered in PSHE lessons.

Personal, Social, Emotional Education Health Education Citizenship
Roles and Responsibilities



Getting on and Falling out





Healthy Eating.

Medicines, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol.

Safety Inside and Outside the Home

Keeping Healthy (Teeth and Hygiene)

Relationship and Sex Education


Local Democracy


Elections (General, Referendums etc).

How to be a responsible citizen

In the Media