Haughton St Giles PTFA is a group of parents, friends and school staff whose aim is to support the school and to enhance the education of all its pupils by:

  • Fundraising to help provide items and experiences to further the education of our children at the school.
  • Developing closer links between parents, students, school staff and the local community by working together for the benefit of the school and for the enjoyment of all.

The PTFA is run by a committee which meets several times each term. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings. Dates of the meetings will be advertised on the school newsletter and can be obtained from the school office and they are normally held in the pub if that clinches it!.

Every year at the Annual General Meeting, principal officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected. However, parents are welcome to join the committee at any point during the year.

Recent purchases by the PTFA have been:

  • I pads and a new improved wireless network.
  • Digital and underwater cameras, beebots, den making set.
  • Staging equipment for school performances.
  • Final year trip to MacBeth.
  • Re-establishment of school choir.
  • Books for the Read,Write, Inc. reading scheme and reading books for all ages.

The PTFA raises money by organising a number of different events such as:

  • Christmas Fayre
  • Summer Fayre
  • Sports Day hospitality
  • Discos half termly
  • Quizes, film nights and beetle drives.
  • Haughton Giant Challenge 20 and 50km on/off road cycling event.

We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers and need your help! However firstly you can help the PTFA in its fundraising efforts by attending the events we organise. Information is sent out by email from the school office. We hope you, family and friends will come along to enjoy the fun and each other’s company and in doing so make a lasting positive difference for all the children at Haughton St Giles.

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Ideas, suggestions and offers of help are always welcome, please speak to anyone of the current
PTFA who are:

  • Ben Palmer – Chair – Beatrice Y3, Noah Y1
  • Charlotte Ward. Vice chair – Wesley Y1
  • Alec Willis – Treasurer – grandparent
  • Amie Clinton – Secretary – Isobel – YR
  • Gerry Round – Harry Y6
  • Stephen and Charlotte Kingdon – Isabelle YR
  • Hayley and Dave MInard – Dylan Y5, George Y1
  • Phil Carter – Spencer Y1
  • Jan Hurcombe – Euan Y3, Alfie, YR
  • Dave Marsh – Jack Y2, Harry Y1
  • Samantha Danton – Ava YR

Gazebo Hire

If you are planning an event of your own the PTFA has three gazebos which are available to hire for a small donation.  Please contact the office if interested.