Birch Class – Y3/4

A very warm welcome to Birch Class!

Year 3 and Year 4 make up Birch Class, where the children reinforce strong foundations and extend their learning across the lower Key Stage Two Curriculum.

Children build upon core subjects Literacy, Numeracy, Science &  R.E. along with a wide variety of topic focuses. Topic provides children the opportunity to learn about the wider world and apply key skills within interesting collaborative projects and gain independent learning experiences.

Within this stimulating learning environment, differentiated learning activities meet the abilities of all children while promoting a love of learning.

Class Teacher: Mrs Ward

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stickley

Our Topics

This term, the class will be studying ancient Egypt. We will be visiting Birmingham museum to see real life mummies as well as giving the pupils a clear understanding of the life of people living over 2000 years ago. As well as this the children will be learning a variety of points based on their studies with the aim of building their own ancient Egyptian settlement with the winner being crowned Pharaoh at the end of term.

Any other useful information

PE is on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

Homework is given out on the Friday and expected to be handed in on Wednesday at the latest. If anybody struggles with the homework over the weekend, please see Mrs Ward on Monday morning.



While challenging learning multiplication facts is essential within Key Stage Two, help your child learn their multiplication facts fluently through fun timetables games. Visit the site below for some fun starter ideas:

BBC Bitesize also has fantastic resources for maths learning:


There are some great online reading games available to help with deductive reasoning: