The best way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics

Haughton St. Giles believe all children should be confident at mathematics, to achieve this we implement robust teaching methods driven by a range of learning principles.

We use comprehensive systematic teaching, strengthened by symbolic mathematical terminology and scaffolded support, to actively reinforce mathematical concepts to accommodate children’s learning.

By using this approach we aim to provide a learning environment whereby children can become independent learners, using a range of mathematical skills at their fingertips both confidently and to their full potential. 

Teaching follows the national curriculum and White Rose Maths and develops mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Purposeful lessons with real life links provide fun enriched learning opportunities for every child to achieve the expected standards.

A range of apparatus is at hand within lessons to provide effective scaffolded learning support.

Mathematical Assessment

Using effective assessment is crucial throughout each mathematical concept. Assessment will ensure a deeper level of understanding is obtained and will drive effective next step teaching and learning.

Within Haughton St. Giles we utilise a combination of assessment approaches:

  1. Questioning
  2. Quizzes/challenges/mini tests
  3. Termly Assessments – at the end of each term children complete assessment tests. Questions within these tests are drawn from the age related national level of expectation. These tests indicate skills development and progression through the curriculum.