At Haughton St. Giles we believe that reading underpins all areas of our curriculum and we strive to provide all our children with the skills to become confident and passionate readers.

Our children’s reading journey in school begins with Read Write Inc. (RWI) which gives them a highly effective start. You can read more about RWI by selecting the Read Write Inc. page in the menu.

After completing their RWI early reading journey, we use Oxford Reading Tree as a structured reading programme to further develop fluent and enthusiastic readers. Alongside these books, children are also encouraged to select a ‘Shared Reader’ book from their classroom selection to share at home and develop their enjoyment of books and stories. Children are also encouraged to recommend books they enjoy to their peers.  Once we are confident that they are secure readers, children will independently select challenging books that help them to expand their knowledge of a range of authors and vocabulary. 

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge about children’s literature and will be happy to discuss and recommend books which your child may enjoy.

Reading Curriculum

As part of the reading curriculum, children take part in guided reading lessons, as part of their literacy learning journey, where they develop their understanding of what they have read along with improving their vocabulary, fluency and expression. They do this through a combination of directed reading with a teacher, discussion and written answers to comprehension questions. This develops the children’s reading in line with key areas of assessment which are:

  • Vocabulary
  • Inference/deduction
  • Prediction
  • Explanation
  • Retrieval
  • Sequencing and summarising

Teachers also take time to read class novels and model reading for pleasure. It is important that children enjoy reading and also have the opportunity to experience a variety of books. In school we have a wide range of reading books at all levels that the children use in school and take home.

Suggested Reading List

We have put together a suggested reading list: reading list

Click the link below to find 50 recommended books for each year group

Does your child need to branch out and read something slightly different? Click the link below for some great new books linked to some of the ‘favourites’ children love to read.