Father’s Day 2022

To celebrate Father’s Day we are inviting Dads to come into school and share a lunch with their child/ren or family member.
This will take place on Wednesday 15th June for KS1 (Acorn & Conker) and Wednesday 22nd June for KS2 (Birch, Oak & Chestnut).  


Chicken Curry, Rice, Naan & Mixed Vegetables
Macaroni Cheese & Mixed Vegetables
Ham Sandwich & Side Salad

Please click on the link below, if you’d like to order a meal: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=tQjs2yn9t0m8FlZwGcAVuvBQIwVLGIlAgMxziHR5gjJUNlpZUFJDN0ZJQUZEM0hOUE1MVDFWSVFaSy4u