Little Seeds Preschool

Hello from all at Little Seeds Preschool. We are a new provision within the grounds of Haughton St Giles Primary Academy and we thank you for considering our provision for your child. As parents ourselves we know the importance of finding the right care for your children and one where your child feels happy and safe.

We provide care between the hours of 7:30 and 6:00pm for children aged 2-11, offering funded places for 2/3 year olds. We also provide wraparound and holiday care.

We want to give your children the best start possible to get them ready for school life. Being based in the school grounds we feel it of importance that we work closely with the school to get the children familiar and feeling comfortable with their surroundings. We will work closely with the reception class teacher to form an Early Years Team to extend learning and create opportunities for the children to mix.

Every child will be designated their own keyworker. This will be a member of staff who both yourself and your child is familiar with and whom is responsible for the learning journey of your child. We will follow the development of every child and tailor all of our activities to suit every individuals needs. We will look at all areas of development and will plan activities to help promote and encourage both children’s next steps and interests.

Our aim is to work closely with parents as communication is the key to success. We have an open door policy in which you can come and chat about your child’s progress or any concerns you have at anytime. We also give the opportunity for parents evenings where you can come along and look at your child’s learning journey and talk to your child’s keyworker.

Safeguarding within the setting is paramount. We follow the schools safeguarding policy and all of our staff are safeguarding trained. A level 2 designated safeguarding lead will be on the premises at all times.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the setting please do not hesitate to contact us on or alternatively call 01785 851710 or 07483 410398

Kind regards

Sam and Gemma

Little Seeds Senior Management Team