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Absence From School

If your child is poorly and will be away from school please let us know by telephone or e-mail before 9:30 a.m. each day. 

You will also need to send us a written note or e-mail on the day your child comes back to school to confirm in writing the reason they have been absent from school.

If your child is not in school for morning registration but will be returning to school for lunch, please ensure that you inform the office of your child’s lunch preference and/or meal choice. 

Changes to Penalty Notices for Absence from School

As you are well aware, ensuring your child has access to a good education is very important to everyone here at Haughton St Giles CE Primary Academy.

A key part of this is for all children and young people to regularly attend school, as this gives each learner the best chance to achieve their full potential. In light of the recent Isle of Wight court case and the subsequent Supreme Court ruling on school absences, Staffordshire Local Education Authority has made a few changes to their previous guidance to schools. We wanted to clarify our school’s position for parents where there may be the potential for any ambiguity and to also ensure we are fully compliant with legal requirements.

The new guidance came into force on the 1st January 2018 and is detailed below:

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