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The intent of the Eco-Council at Haughton St Giles Primary Academy is to reduce the carbon footprint of the school and help Staffordshire County Council achieve their 2050 Net Zero target. The Eco-Council aim to promote an environmental living ethos to all stakeholders of the school and demonstrate sustainable ways of living that can be implemented within the school, the children’s, and staff's current homes as well as for the children to embed and implement across throughout their life.


Through the introduction of the Eco-Council and a recycling team, the Eco-Council will implement a paper and plastic recycling scheme across the school and be responsible for the monitoring and promotion of this. They will also aim to increase awareness of the carbon footprint of the school and research ways of reducing this - this will include addressing a range of stakeholders for the school. This is due to 1/5 of all cars on the road at 8:50am being on a school run and children being exposed to 3.9 times more pollution being sat in standing traffic compared to walking or cycling to school (Staffordshire County Council). The Eco-Council will also look to educate their fellow peers on ways of living in a more sustainable way and becoming eco-conscious. This may include communicating and working with external agencies such as Staffordshire County Council to ensure that the school is engaging with the wider community.


The impact of the eco-Council will be to meet throughout the year to review their implementation and reflect on the impact that it is having upon the promotion of becoming more sustainable and eco-conscious. The eco-council will carry out initiatives and campaigns to create awareness for all stakeholders of the school and reflect on their impact upon pollution within the school area and aim to reduce the 2900 tonnes of CO2 emissions footprint (2021-2022) for area of Staffordshire County Council’s for the year 2022-2023. Through the monitoring of lights and switches the eco-council will help to reduce the 59% of electricity that is used via buildings across the United Kingdom (Staffordshire County Council).

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