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Collective Worship

Collective Worship


Collective Worship is held every day in school and encourages opportunities for our pupils to listen, discuss and reflect as a class, Key Stage or as a whole school. Our worship themes are based upon our School Christian Values and encourage the understanding of what each value means to us as individuals, as a school, a community and in the wider world. Within each Value, children are introduced to a key story or parable from the bible in the old and new testaments.

Respect - The Good Samaritan

Resilience - Noah's Ark

Pride - The Creation Story

Forgiveness - The Prodigal Son

Trust - Moses and the Red Sea

Faith - Jesus Calms the Storm


Pupils have opportunities to actively partake in collective worship and they are confident in discussing the importance of our School Christian Values.

Furthermore, we have carefully linked each of our Christian Values to the five Fundamental British Values and ensure that our pupils learn how they can apply their deep-rooted knowledge of our Christian Values out in the wider world to become responsible British citizens.


Our Long Term Plan


Autumn Term 1 – Respect (Mutual Respect)

Autumn Term 2 – Resilience (Tolerance)

Spring Term 1 – Pride (Individual Liberty)

Spring Term 2 – Forgiveness (Rule of Law)

Summer Term 1 – Trust (Democracy)

Summer Term 2 – Faith (all British Values)


Our Weekly Worship Plan


Monday – Whole school Collective Worship focused upon our current Christian Value

Tuesday – Key Stage Specific Worships (EYFS/KS1 and KS2) focused upon our Christian Value and linked British Value

Wednesday – Whole school Collective Worship delivered by clergy

Thursday – Whole school Collective Worship focused upon world events, themed days etc

Friday – Whole school Celebration Worship


Celebration Worship

Every Friday afternoon, we come together as a school to celebrate our achievements. Pupils who have been chosen to receive Headteacher Awards, as well as certificates, have the opportunity to be proud of themselves and celebrate this in front of the rest of the school. Team points are also totalled up and the winning team for the week is announced. The overall winning team over each term is awarded the House Point Cup.

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