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We have a long standing tradition of musical teaching within our school; we see music as an entitlement for all children. The education of music is for life, enriching children’s learning and wellbeing, music is an intrinsic rhythm throughout every child’s school journey. 

With an abundance of musical opportunities, we offer a diverse and rich musical curriculum. Providing a platform for children to develop their musical knowledge across all aspects of music including:

  • Musical History

  • Theoretical Knowledge

  • Aural Awareness

  • Composing

  • Reflection & Evaluating

  • Performance

Promoting music through an integrated school approach; giving children the tools to develop a musical talent and musical appreciation.

As part of our programme of study, all children have weekly discreet musical focus lessons, delivered through a specialist music teacher with well-resourced instruments. Providing progressive lessons, differentiated to match ability with challenging opportunities which build upon prior knowledge. Children achieve a strong foundation year on year, for them to grow their musical talent.   

Our EYFS pupils learn to explore musical instruments and ‘sound makers’, sing in unison and dance/move to music.

This is built upon in KS1 as the pupils continue to develop their singing and knowledge of music instruments through the musical elements.

In KS2 our children focus upon developing their confidence in playing musical instruments – glockenspiels, violins and violas, as well as furthering their knowledge of the musical elements and composure of collaborative musical pieces.

Children’s love for music is further embedded through our ‘Composer of the Month’ assemblies. Teaching not only the history of music, listening to a variety of culturally diverse music, but also developing an appreciation for musical development through our history.

Embedded within the academic year children will celebrate and experience music through many different platforms from:

  • Singing Assemblies

  • Key Stage Performances

  • Musical Demonstrations

  • Extra-curricular clubs inc. choir

  • Community Performances inc. K2M and ‘Young Voices’

At our school, children will have a positive learning experience immersing them into a musically rich environment; where children feel safe and secure to work collaboratively, making music which has an impact on their social and emotional wellbeing as well as preparing them for a lifetime of music making

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