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At Haughton St Giles we believe in equality and fairness for our children in all things. Our Uniform Policy reflects our belief in equality: we ask children to wear school uniform so that all children have the same status, regardless of their clothes.

Our school colours for uniform are red, grey and white. 

The school uniform consists of:

The school P.E kit consists of:




Please help us to look after your child’s clothes by putting their name in each item. Children often mislay clothing and we have a better chance of returning it if your child’s name is shown clearly. Some parents like to have their child’s initials embroidered on polo shirts or cardigans, jumpers or sweatshirts by our school uniform supplier. Other parents make use of iron-in name tags or ‘Attach a Tag’ labels available on the Internet. However, simply writing your child's name or initials onto the label using a marker pen is equally effective.

  • No jewellery is to be worn to school other than stud earrings and/or watches (simple analogue or digital watches only. Smart watches should not be worn). Children who have pierced ears must only wear earrings with a rounded stud as other types can be dangerous. However, earrings must be removed for PE and sports/games.

  • Make up is not permitted.

Branded school uniform can be purchased from:

NCA Embroidery & Printing
Unit E Boons Ind Estate,
ST18 9NQ
Tel: 01785 214593

Please click below for further information.


*Ties are purchased from the school office

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