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House/Team Points

At Haughton St Giles all of the children are grouped into our four house teams: Attenborough, Nakate, Goodall & Irwin, after inspirational people. This supports our aspiration for all pupils to have courage and resilience in their learning when striving for the heights of success. Each house has children from Reception to Year 6 and they work together throughout the school year to earn house points in a variety of different ways.

At the beginning of the school year, Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to stand for election as captain for their team. The chosen four pupils receive a Captain badge. It is their duty to be a good role model – leading by example, following school rules and supporting others.

The children at Haughton St Giles are extremely proud of their house team and opportunities are encouraged for teams to work together during whole school events.

Children receive house points for good work or behaviour and counters are added to their team jar in their classroom. Each week the house points are counted up, revealed in our Celebration Worship and presented on our house board in the hall and on the Home page of the website. Points are totalled up each term and the house team with the most points will be awarded with the trophy. Our children really enjoy the house system and take pride in gaining house points for their team.

Headteacher’s Awards

During the school week, teachers may select individual pupils to receive a Headteacher’s Award. This may be due to outstanding behaviour and attitude to learning or for producing an excellent piece of work during a lesson. Pupils then share their success with the Headteacher and receive a special gold sticker to wear with pride. This is also recognised during our Celebration Worship on a Friday.

Class Certificates

Every Friday, the teachers choose up to four children from each class to receive a certificate for outstanding work or behaviour that week. Pupils receive their certificate in our Celebration Worship and explain to the rest of the school why they have deserved it. This gives children the opportunity to share their successes, develop confidence in school and be proud of their achievements.

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